Industrial Materials and Dust Control


OIS is a supplier of numerous industrial materials, each critical to the production of a variety of everyday products such as glass, aluminum, steel, and cement which are critical for manufactures and society as a whole. OIS has the market knowledge for sourcing the right materials for your needs and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. We supply industrial raw materials in the following categories:

  • Industrial Metals, Minerals and Alloys
  • Ferro Alloys and Ores
  • Bulk and Trace Feed Minerals
  • Carbon, Coke and Coal Products
  • Refractory and Abrasive Minerals
  • Oil Field Minerals
  • Powder and Briquetted Alloys
  • Frac sand


Olieh Industrial Solutions also offers soil stabilization and dust control solutions. Our dust control and soil stabilization solutions play a vital role in stopping fugitive dust, public safety, and accurate military operations in dusty rugged landscape where temperatures vary from extreme highs to freezing lows and where visibility can change from 30 miles to 30 feet in a matter of minutes. All of our dust and soil stabilization solutions are environmental friendly.